Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Lesson In Hip Hop

When they come to write the big History of Hip Hop book, there will be one name there which will appear slightly out of place: Gilbert O'Sullivan.

How the piano playing purveyor of Seventies pop-schmaltz ended up playing a pivotal role in the history of one of the world's great musical genres was by successfully sueing the not insubstantial arse of Biz Markie after said portly rapper sampled his slit-yer-wrists classic Alone Again (Naturally), thereby making the use of samples a rather more complicated and expensive business than it had been previously.

This acted as a bullet in the head for one sub-genre of Hip-Hop, cut-and-paste, which was pioneered by Double Dee & Steinski in 1985 on today's crisp biscuit, Lesson 3 (History of Hip Hop Mix), which you can LISTEN to or DOWNLOAD here. People like De La Soul had really taken this style and ran with it, producing some some of my favourite music of any style. And you can only wonder what classics might have been created if Gilbert hadn't interfered. Thanks mate. Wanker.

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