Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Bank Holiday Weekend Shouty Ska Punk Treat

Ex-Cathedra - Stop Yer Running/Got No Answers/What It Isn't/Watch-Out! 7" (Tartan Records TART 2 ?1994)

What can I say about Ex-Cathedra?

  • They were from Glasgow.

  • They played shouty, punk as fucking fuck, ska-punk from the mid to late 90's.

  • They did a cover of P.A.I.N's British Justice which was better than the original.

  • They played at our wedding.

  • They shared names with a Birmingham-based early music ensemble.

  • They contained folk who went on to be in Fleas and Lice, Scunnered and Suicide Bid (and probably lots more).

  • They were an ace band - a really good mix of shoutiness, skankiness and all-round niceness, really.
This was, I think, their second, self-released, 7" single and it's my favourite bit of them on record. So, do yourself a favour and download it here.


spewbuntu said...

Nice one John, cheers for the upload. Yet another of the records I planned to record and convert to mp3s /oggs but you've beaten me to it again.

Aye Ex-Cathedra were savage, always really enjoyed their gigs, good fun bouncy ska punk.

John Spithead said...

Glad to be of service.

irishdave said...

agreed - not a bad wee record, thanks for posting.And, you rotter, I can't get Fronkey out of my mind now. This is A BAD THING

John Spithead said...

Dave and Fronkey,
Sitting in the tree,

irishdave said...

You rotter - if I had said "I can't stop thinking about Fronkey", that would justify that little ditty, but no - I can't win. shoot me now

Malisha Old 666 said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to post Ex-Cathedra's Tartan Material, googled a bit and found this. Haven't heard it before, so-thanx (even though only one song is new to me). While googling I've found out that fortunately, Tartan Material it is still in print as CD, so I've decided to post another ska-punk gem, sexy little pink 7" about sitting too close to the telly. Whaddaya think? There's also a plan on posting sexy little demo tape with pink photocopied paper.
P.S. You made me track down my 4 song P.M.T. tape (called PMT in tomato sauce) that I bought from Chris Wheelchair AKA pillow-fucker.

John Spithead said...

Hi Vedran,

I reckon the versions on this single are better than the Trtan Material versions. Incidentally, Sue from PMT pops up on that album, shouting "UP THE FUCKING PUNKS!" at the end of Dirty Old Town.

I liked that In Tomato Sauce tape a lot - the cover was excellent - based on Tesco Value tins - an idea used more recently (and more profitably) by Banksy.

And I look forward greatly to the Skascraper EP being upped.

BOZ said...

It's a pity that the production is lacking on the otherwise excellent TARTAN MATERIAL. They just don't make wedding bands like this anymore!!!

John Spithead said...

Couldn't agree more, Boz.

BOZ said...

Just dawned on me... wasn't there a dodgy mark 2 of this band based in london with one original member that didn't exactly set the world on fire???

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