Friday, 30 May 2008

C30, C60, C90 - Go!

FUNZiG - Morefishlike?/Death To All Fanatics!(Cassette, 1993/4)
I dragged some tapes down out of the loft this week. Two of the best that I had saved are these, from probably the only bendy-pronk band to ever hail from Blackburn - Funzig.

Now, these really aren't going to be to everyone's taste, but if you like The Cardiacs, then give these a shot. I love 'em, especially Morefishlike? which contained lyrics entirely lifted from a David Attenbrough nature documentary, if I remember correctly. In my opinion, they were massively under-appreciated when they were going, which was made even worse by the fact that they were a really lovely bunch of blokes.

Get Morefishlike? here.

And get Death To All Fanatics! here.


irishdave said...

Sweet! It's been ages since I heard either of these - eugenius!

Shedwatch said...

glad to see someone appreciated what we did

Shedwatch said...

contact me here

i would love to hear from you

John Spithead said...

Hi Woody, soz for taking so long to reply - just noticed your comment. Funzig were brilliant. A truly great band. I also liked your Death By Osmosis stuff, which I managed to d/l recently, too. Good to hear from you.