Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Last Of England

Citizen Fish/AOS3 - Split 7" (1993, Bluurgh Records, Fish 29)

As the more regular visitors to this blog may have noticed, the posts have been a bit less frequent over the past few weeks. This is mainly because we've been busy preparing for THE BIG MOVE - which mainly involves lots of alcohol-fuelled, teary farewells, eating as much curry as we can and going through every one of your possessions piece by piece deciding what to do with them (except, of course, for the records. They're all going with us).

I'm planning to start posting again when we reach our destination, get a house and broadband etc, but until then I'll leave you with this rather splendid little split 7".

T.V. Dinner is your standard Fish fare, but Half Way There is kind of like Citizen Fish put in a blender with the More Specials album, and I kind of hoped at the time that this would signal their new direction. It didn't.

Anybody who went to a festival in the '90s will have come across Sunderland's AOS3. I don't believe Conspiracy was available other than on this single. I was planning to up it a couple of weeks back for the summer solstice, what with it being a jolly slice of insanely positive, crusty, hippy, festivally reggae, like, but alas, I didn't get round to it. You can bag all three tracks here.

See you anon.

Oh, and if you want to know where we're going, click here.


spewbuntu said...

It's a cracker of a single alright, especially the AOS3 side. It was certainly a nice introduction to a band I'd heard nothing of when I picked it up years ago and made me eagerly await the release of their first album.

It's a shame there wasn't more of the violin action that can heard on conspiracy. I think there are few records I own that have been played as much as God's secret agent.

Conspiracy is also on the Owsley demo which was available on cassette and cdr but I don't think the quality / production was as good as the 7" version.

Good luck with the move!

John Spithead said...

Thanks Spewey,
I knew you'd comment on this one!

I liked the way that AOS3 did a different bit in the middle of "I Never Knew There Was So Much In It" depending on where they were at the time. ('Paranoid' in the West Midlands)

spewbuntu said...

Heh, I know I'm very predictable. Anything with a skanky, folky, dubby edge and I'm right in there.

It's interesting to see so many of these bands reforming after so many years, AOS3, RDF, Tofu Love Frogs. Maybe it's about time for a Spithead reunion? Although you living in Australia might make things a little trickier.

How did the move go? Not too stressful I hope.

John Spithead said...

We ain't gone yet! We fly on the 31st. Just busy sorting, packing, and trying to get as much curry, Cadbury's chocolate, Shreddies and decent British beer down our faces as we can.

John Spithead said...

Oh, and being as you like your skanky punk, Spewey, you should check out Tito's Bojs (if you haven't already) - they remind me a bit of Blind Mole Rat. There's an article and d/l here:

spewbuntu said...

Nice one, they're new to me, I'll check them out so, cheers for the link. Speaking of Blind Mole Rat, I'm in the process of converting my BMR tapes to oggs. Well when I say I'm in the process of it, I really mean I recorded the tapes onto my computer a year ago and just exported one of them the other day but hopefully it wont take another year to do the rest of them.

When I say I'm doing all this I really mean my housemate is doing all the work being much more of a perfectionist than me he'll do a way better job. Be great to have them on the computer though, kind of concerned the tapes are just going to die one of these days.

garychching said...

Nice one John, i really like Citizen Fish, as soon as you said a little like "More Specials" I had to hear it. And I love it.

Excellent post mate

John Spithead said...

Excellent news!

isksp said...

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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

How's it going in the land down under?

John Spithead said...

It's going well so far. Our container isn't expected til November, so we've still got few possessions, but Adelaide's a fantastic place - really friendly.

garychching said...

Hey John, hope all is well.

when are you returning to the blog. I keep checking.

John Spithead said...

Hi Gary, nice to hear from you. Our worldly goods (including my PC and all my records, CDs etc) are due to arrive at Port Adelaide tomorrow, so as soon as it's all cleared customs and been delivered, I should be up and running again, despite the broadband being a bit wanky down here. I'm hopin to be posting again in a few weeks.

Malisha Old 666 said...

G'day mate.
Just got hold of AOS3's "On A Knight Train" 12" and remembered your last post. How's things going in the land of plenty? Got your Vegemite and stubbies (not shorts of course)?

John Spithead said...

G'day! It's going well down here. Sun shines relentlessly, and there's even a decent brewery iin Adelaide (home of Cold Chisel and The Hilltop Hoods). Glad to tell you we have both Vegemite and stubbies - of both kinds! Currently trying to sort out wireless with Telstra, which is difficult (there wasn't a whole episode of Cath & Kim devoted to the subject for nothing).

Malisha Old 666 said...

AC/DC, vegemite and stubbies are three of my favourite Aussie things. Followed closely by Warumpi Band and Mutiny. My Aussie friend Phil brought me two FC St. Pauli stubbies as some sort of euro-aussie compromise I guess. I love these thingies.
Enjoy the sun because it's fucken' cold here. Cheers.

sexy said...